Technical Certification Courses

We provide Technical Certification Courses on domains listed below at affordable prices. Courses are available in both Online and Classroom Mode. We also provide Workshops and Webinars on the topics listed below. Courses are blended according to industry requirements.

Embedded Systems

Learn to program anything using easy Embedded C coding, electronics and become a pro in automating day to day tasks. Further progress with a bit complex coding but captures all points to create new devices.​

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is transforming our physical world into a complex and dynamic system of connected devices on an unprecedented scale. Learn the growing n/w of IoT by opting for this course.

Machine Learning

Develop fast and efficient algorithms and data-driven models for real-time processing of data. Apply this to day-to-day market, practical issues or industrial problems to find a perfect solution.

Python Programming

Use Python to develop prototypes quickly because it is so easy to work with and read. Most automation, data mining, and big data platforms rely on Python. Apply the new to the old.

C Programming

Learn the basic programming language for academics as well as to secure a good job. Develop the logic and coding skills with best practical knowledge sessions and series of examples.

C++ Programming

Learn another most popular basic programming language for academics as well as to secure a good job. Develop extensive knowledge in coding with best practical programming sessions.

Android App Development

Learn to use Android App Development tools to create fast and secure Android Apps. You will learn how to design and build mobile apps which can perform any action as per your requirement.

Web Development

Learn Website Development by joining this step-by-step WordPress learning course where you will learn how to install WordPress Themes, Plugins and create seamless websites.

PCB Development

Learn to design circuit diagrams, printed circuit board schematic and route traces in the PCB Layout Window. A complete course for Circuit and PCB designing on different software.

Placement Training

The most important course for anyone to crack Job Interviews. It includes Aptitude Training along with Group Discussion as well as Personal Interview sessions. A complete course for Placements.